Fiat 500 - Car covers

You wouldn't leave a beautiful car like an old-timer Fiat 500 outside without a car cover. Fiat 500 Ricambi basically offers two variants for your Fiat 500. The Fiat 500 car cover outside and the fiat 500 car cover inside. So your beauty does not have to be exposed to dust and dirt, rain or snow or other external influences.

Car cover outside Fiat 500

Unfortunately you can not (always) store your Fiat 500 inside. An exterior cover for the Fiat 500 is the perfect solution. Thanks to this cover you can easily leave your car outside. In this way, the car is protected against the influences of:

* Rain
* Ice 
* Snow
* UV radiation
* Pollution
* Bird droppings
* Dust

The cover is easy to apply and stays in place thanks to the elastic bands that are sewn in the cover. So you can still ensure that your Fiat 500 is protected outdoors.

Car cover inside Fiat 500

When your Fiat 500 is inside, not all problems are solved. There may still be people walking past the car who may damage it.  Protect your car inside with an inner cover. These covers are lightweight and of good quality. The covers are easy to fit thanks to a fully sewn-in elastic band in the front and back of the covers. These car covers are also available in different colours.

Buy a car cover for your Fiat 500 at Ricambi

You can easily order your cover at FD Ricambi. Choose the correct construction year (1957-2000 or from 2007) for an outdoor cover to ensure that you receive the right product. For the inner cover you can choose from different colors. The products will be shipped as soon as possible from our warehouse. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact our customer service.

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